Whatsapp Video Calling Apk Download For Android and PC Windows

Every Android user is well-versed with the idea of WhatsApp, which is a chat application. Over the recent years, WhatsApp has seen many advanced and more sophisticated versions of itself in the market. One such version is the Whatsapp Video Calling app. Loaded with never-before features, this mod version of WhatsApp is a hot favorite amongst its users.

There is a lot of buzz about the upgraded version of WhatsApp. This is the Whatsapp Video Calling (WhatsApp+) app which has been there on the net for quite some time now. People, who have used this version, consider it a better approach to the official form. But, the developers of WhatsApp have not come up with this app, which forms a subtle doubt in the minds of the users. It is good to know that till now no reports have been raised about the security breach through Whatsapp Video Calling installation. Hence, the app is definitely safe to use.

On the whole, Whatsapp Video Calling is just a fantastic modification of the original WhatsApp, which gives a lot of theme and customization options, without paying any money.

The download link for Whatsapp Video Calling APK can be found on Whatsapp-plus.net. The most recent version of the app has gained a Holo. The app majorly is designed to be run on the Android platform. Its versions for other platforms are still awaited.

How to install and Download Whatsapp Video Calling on Android Devices?

Whatsapp Video Calling on Android Devices

Since, mostly, people are using WhatsApp, which could be easily installed through the Google Play Store, certain steps are to be noted. Whatsapp Video Calling is not officially available on the app store. Hence, to download it, the following must be done:

  1. The original WhatsApp messaging app must be uninstalled first, in order to install the mod, Whatsapp Video Calling. This can be done through Settings – Applications – WhatsApp – Uninstall. You can back up all your chat history before uninstalling the app.
  2. Enable installation of apps from “Unknown Sources” in the “Security” option of the “Settings” menu.
  3. The APK file for Whatsapp Video Calling can be downloaded from any of the various links available online.
  4. The APK file is run to begin the installation process.
  5. Whatsapp Video Calling is now, ready to be explored.

Why should you use Whatsapp Video Calling?

Whatsapp Video Calling is a far better version of WhatsApp, according to a lot of people who have made the switch. Its numerous settings and better interface makes Whatsapp Video Calling stand taller.

  • Better interface: having a huge variety of theme options and customizations.
  • Better emoticons: a lot of new smileys that are not available with the official version.
  • Enhanced privacy: it provides better access to features without getting into too much personal information.
  • Video Size Modification: a fabulous 50MB video can be easily shared.


Whatsapp Video Calling is a highly recommended app that’s should be tried by WhatsApp users, who want exciting features and better user environment. Many people, who have tried it, refrain from going back to the original version. All because of the amazing perks and features that Whatsapp Video Calling is able to provide.